Maame Joses is writing unforgettable songs using the Effortless Songwriting Method

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"I've learned how to get inspired from everyday things, so I feel like a whole world has opened up to me!"

Maame Joses - The Voice of Holland

"It’s not a bunch of tricks but it’s a process, or a series of processes, to get from being blocked to being creative."

Davio - Songwriter

“It’s been really helpful to think of different ways to come up with lyrics, melody, repetition. . . It adds a dimension to my songwriting that I didn’t have before.”

Carol Houghton - Artist

"It's hard to get people to collaborate, so I've decided to learn about how to write a melody for my words, and this course has been priceless. I really, really highly recommend it!"

Terry Beardslee - Poet and Lyricist